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Actor Website Express (one-pager)

Grab a drink and set aside time to review and respond to the Actor Website Express Questionnaire & Content Inventory.
Once you've submitted your materials, you'll be directed to a page where you can pick the next available launch date that works for you!
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Let's start with the basics...

What should I call you?

What's your professional name?

What are your pronouns?

Tell me a bit about who you are as a performer / as an actor.

Okay !

Which piece of media (picture, gallery, audio clip, video, etc.) makes you feel most proud and/or most fully you as a performer?

Top three words that describe you as an artist / performer

Or three adjectives you try to project or embody when you walk into an audition, a meeting, or onstage. Or three adjectives you hope people use to describe your work. i.e. Strong, Engaging, Open.

Union Affiliation

Design Direction

Top three words to describe your dream website's look & feel

i.e Minimal, sophisticated, editorial, vibrant, professional, fun, warm, etc. Want to see some more adjectives to help inspire you?


Please provide three reference websites for inspiration. Note that your reference may not be in the same industry as yours.
Some things to consider:
- Which websites are you drawn to and why?
- Which features or functionalities are applicable to your website?
-Are you inspired by graphic elements, the color, or the typography?
-Do you like the aesthetics i.e. simple, minimal, bold?
-Do you like how the content is laid out? Is there a page or section in particular you want us to refer to? The homepage, about page, et al.

Reference One

What do you like about it?

What do you not like about it?

Please upload any screenshots of relevant sections / etc.

Reference Two

What do you like about it?

What do you not like about it?

Please upload any screenshots of relevant sections / etc.

Reference Three

What do you like about it?

What do you not like about it?

Please upload any screenshots of relevant sections / etc.

Optional: Visual Vibes Quiz

Do you <3 90s magazine quizzes? Here's one to help define your visual vibe!

Website Details

When it comes to updating your website, how often do you foresee updating it?

There is no right answer! Consider a few things when answering:

How often do you have new information to add to your website?

Do you perform frequently at different venues? You might want to add a calendar.

Are you interested in using your website as a sort of archive of your work? Theater companies, venues, distribution companies, and even news sites change their content and links break. If you’re looking to keep a (curated) record of your shows / gigs / workshops / etc. all in one place — for yourself and for anyone looking to do a deep dive into you as an artist — you’ll manage individual posts that feed automatically into other parts of your site. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to update it more regularly, but it may make those updates a bit more in depth (but not harder, I promise!) when you do.

Do you enjoy doing this at all? That may sound like a joke, but I mean it. I know a lot of artists who loathe web updates. If that’s you, that’s cool! Just let me know so I can design with that in mind.

Do you already do pretty in depth social media? If you already spend the time doing promotional posting / regular posting on twitter, instagram, tik tok, etc. and you don’t want to add another task to your to-do list, I can highlight your social feed.

Untitled multiple choice field
Anything else to add?

Site content

All actor website express sites include a landing (home) page, headshot & resume page, media page, contact page, & image gallery.

What kind of media do you have?

What kind of media do you have?

What types of images do you have?

What types of images do you have?

Custom pages

Note that this package includes 7 pages, meaning that the selection of one of these pages is included. Additional pages will be added to the invoice.
Custom pages

Site Wishlist

Which social accounts do you want to link to (if any) in the header, footer, or contact page?

Your Team

Name & Email of main decision-maker to sign-off/approve proposals

Most likely this is you, but maybe it's your manager!

Other Team Members involved in this project

If your agent/manager or other collaborator / team member wants input into your website, please let me know here.

Let's start with the essentials.

Please upload your primary headshot

Who took this photo?

Please upload your most up-to-date resume — ideal if your resume is a pdf that includes your headshot on the second page

Is your resume format a mess? Here's a free google docs template for you to copy and use! Just export it as a pdf when you're done!

Please paste a link to your reel

Have alternate headshots? Upload them here!

Who took these photos?

Let's build your copy.

Answers to these questions are going to be used to create your website copy, so please write as you would like it to appear on your website.


Your bio

Pull quotes

Preparing your images

Rename & resize your images before uploading. Here's a guide on preparing your content.

Thank you!

Wowowow you did it !

Now what?

You'll be sent a booking link to get on the calendar so you can pick your launch date!
We'll take your answers, review everything, and follow up with any questions.
We'll get to work on your website!
Get ready to see your brand new website